The device contains two Filters.

It filters 0.3 micron wide pores, the smallest unwanted organisms such as viruses and bacteria (The smallest virus known is 0.5 micron in size)

It consists of seven Divisions. The materials in each compartment have different properties. These;


1-Activated Carbon:
Among the widely used industrial adsorbents, the most important of the currently used adsorbents in order to control environmental pollution are activated carbons with high porosity. Commercially activated carbons are obtained by activating the carbons obtained from wood, peat, lignite, coal, charcoal, bone, coconut shell, rice husk, nut shell and oil products through various processes.
At the beginning of the 1900's, patents that form the basis of current activated carbon production were published. After 1920, activated charcoal was first used in water purification, but it was not widely used. However, since the smell of chlorophenol in drinking water created a big problem in Germany in 1927, the use of activated carbon during the preparation of city water also gained great importance.

2-Mineral Balls:
Ceramic balls are formed by a special formation of a variety of inorganic minerals that are uniquely shaped. These spheres with high functionality are used in the treatment systems of unqualified waters suitable for different purposes. Ceramic spheres with a wide variety of functional properties give excellent results in absorbing the pollution in the water, removing harmful heavy metals, increasing the mineral content of the water intensely, with its anti-bacterial properties, helping human metabolism and natural healing abilities in terms of health.

3- Zeolite:
Zeolites are aluminum silicates with crystalline hydration. They were formed millions of years ago when the ash and lava that emerged from the eruption of volcanoes reacted chemically with lake or sea waters. Changes during the formation of zeolites such as temperature - geological location - water / ash ratio add unique properties to their composition. Thanks to its porous structure and high ion exchange capacity, it prevents many kinds of gases and odors; water and moisture; It has the ability to retain and absorb petrochemicals, low level radioactive elements, ammonium, toxins, heavy metals and many solutions. With its environmentally friendly structure and low cost, zeolite (clinoptilolite) is used in many industrial areas and various environmental projects today.

4- KDF-55
It is a filter system used in the US military for many years. The KDF-55 is a filter made of pure copper and zinc mixture. KDF is the most important water treatment technology working with the electro-chemical oxidation principle (REDOX). Tests on KDF and GAC technologies have shown that this technology removes more than 99% of chlorine up to 75000 liters. Nevertheless, the same size of carbon filters decreases to around 90% around 15000 liters in cleaning chlorine. Iron and hydrogen sulfur solution oxidize and turn into insoluble matter and sit on the bottom of the filter and subjected to electro-chemical treatment to clean lead, mercury, copper, chromium, cadmium, aluminum and other soluble metals. Heavy metals are added to the bottom of the filter


5- Negative Ion:
Most people feel refreshed and refreshed after a rainstorm. This is because of the negative ions generated by the storm. According to scientific research, environments containing negative ions alleviate the symptoms of hay fever, asthma, seasonal depression, fatigue and headache. In addition, in environments containing negative ions, mobility increases, work performance increases, mental functions improve and error rates decrease. In studies conducted by Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute, environments with high concentrations of negative ions have an antidepressant effect in seasonal depression SAD.

6- Nano-Silver Balls: Silver is a metal that prevents bacterial growth in water. Nano-Silver balls produced with high technology prevent bacteria that may be found in your water or that may occur later.

7- Alkaline Balls:
* Alkali ionized water is an excellent immune system protector. * With its antioxidant structure, it maintains the acid / alkali balance in the body. * It provides perfect hydration (hydration) in cells with its micro structure. * It helps the body to stay young, healthy and alive by regenerating at the cell level. * It cleans the "free radicals" that cause diseases and premature aging with the high value negative ions it contains. * It helps to purify by neutralizing the acidic toxins accumulated in our body for many years. * Internal filter and pre-filters purify various impurities that can be found in city water
It is healthy and functional water with more oxygen. It is clean and free of bacteria. In addition to the alkaline minerals it contains, it has approximately two (2) times more oxygen than other water types. It helps the body maintain its pH balance and prevents diseases. Alkali ionized water helps maintain and regulate the body's natural pH balance, creating an environment that prevents the formation of harmful bacteria, inflammation and diseases in the body.
Provides extraordinary hydration (moisturizing) and detoxification. Its molecular structure is smaller than other waters. For this reason, by providing up to six (6) times more water entry into the cells than other types of water, it allows the body to moisturize more and, accordingly, the body to be cleansed from toxic wastes in the fastest and most perfect way, ie detox. It increases the energy and fitness of the body. Alkali ionized water, due to its small molecular structure, regenerates the bioelectrical balance of the body three times faster than other types of water, increasing the body's energy and fitness. It neutralizes free radicals.
Damage caused by free radicals causes rapid aging and many diseases, including cancer. The molecular structure and strong antioxidant properties of alkali ionized water inactivate free radicals and prevent them from harming the body. It helps to lose weight and lose weight. The body accumulates fat to neutralize the acidic wastes that accumulate in it. Since alkaline ionized water prevents acidic waste accumulation, the body does not need to accumulate fat. Therefore, it helps you to lose weight naturally.
Located at the base of the device; Alkaline Balls, Zeolite, Tourmaline, Carbon, Nano-Silver, Maifen Stone, Magnesium Aloy Balls help keep your water clean and fresh.