Blue QQ Ceramic Ball Features

1. Zn-Ion Mineral Zn helps the Cell division and also supports the metabolism of skin activity. It also relatives the immunity.

 The Effects of Zn :
Synthesis Involved of DNA and RNA, Wound Treatment, Healthy Skin, Infectious disease, small amount of Dietary Mineral, Prevention of chrome lack, and helps for Vertigo and Tinnitus.

 The Symptoms of lack of Zn :
Have pimple, delaying of wound treatment, melancholia, tinnitus, Easily get tired, Infection, arthralgia, night blindness, hypogomadism etc.

2. Silver Activated Carbon
Silver is the natural antibiotics what doesn’t have the side effects and tolerance. Promoting human metabolism and enhance human immunity.

 The Effects of Silver :
Good for the Cholera, Malaria, Cold, Eczema, Burn. Strong Antibiotics, Control or Remove the Bacteria Virous, and Body Chill, Reduce the palsy etc.


3. Calcium Alkaline
Calcium has a feature of preventing to be acidity. Emit of FIR, Cell Activity, Increasing of immunity, effect of treat for other disease.

 The Symptoms of Lack Calcium :
Stop growing, Change the component of bone, Bone Deformity, and easily broken of the bone.

4. FIR Alkaline
Human Body is consisted of 4% Mineral of body weight. It’s the main features on processing the metabolism. Mineral is melted in body fluids then existence it to the ion. It also adjust the balance between Acidity and Alkalinity. Another important function of Mineral is the component of Hormone, Vitamin, Enzyme etc. what has the important functions in Human body.

 The Effects of Mineral :
Developing and Maintenance of body, Control and Maintenance of varity of physiological functions in body. Emits of Anion, Increases of Ion at rates, Calcium, and Natrium. Purifying of Blood by Alkalinity, Recovering the fatigue and Stamina, Activity of cell around the pain pat.


5. Antioxidant Pi
Antioxidant Pi is also called an adsorbent and it’s also a Carbon powder what is consisted of fine particles. These fine Carbon particles adsorb inorganic salts what lives in the water, then do remove or deodorize. Antioxidant Pi is never melt in water, that’s why we can see the effects of water.

 The Effects of Antioxidant Pi :
Remove the Chlorine and harmful chemical materials the microorganism (germ, virous, and insects)

6. Silver Antibacterial
 The Effects of Antibacterial :
Remove the bacteria and Reduce or remove the germs (99.9%)

7. Catalyst Mgo
Human Body make an Active Oxygen during the process of breaking down the nutrient in human body. The active Oxygen is the main reason what is issued the aging or cancer due to the Biomaterials, what has a normal function in human body, reacts to the active oxygen, very rapidly. Catalyst Mgo is the main feature to be removed the active oxygen.

 The Effects of Catalyst Mgo :
Remove the Active Oxygen, Creation an energy, Metabolism of body, Relaxation of Heart, Blood, Blood Pressure etc. Relieve Stress.

8. Sophoricoside
: The abstraction of material is from the Japanese Pagoda Tree.

 The Effects of Sophoricoside :
Reduce body weight and fat. Reduce Blood Cholesterol Shemale Fat. Good for Preventing or treatment of Obesity.

: All raw materials are from the mineral matters except of Sophoricoside.
: All materials are very safety for human, it means that not detected any harmful materials from the ceramic ball bearings.