Jade Stone Heat Mat

Jade stone heat cushion

Jade master heat cushion is one the most practical product of jade master, which contains jade stone. Its primary function is to emit infrared ray, which is beneficial to human health in many ways.

Jade stone
Jade stone is one of the most important components of the cushion, through reactions the body seeks to solve its health problems. Chemical composition of jade consisting of (sodium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen) NaAlSi₂O₆ Jade stone is a gemstone, a volcanic stone, a type of precious stone; hot jade stone helps purify toxins from the body.


Healing benefits of jade with the help of heat

1- Treatment of kidney diseases.
2- Removing and purifying toxins from the body.
3- Helps heal wounds and heal quickly.
4- Improving bone health and muscle structure in the body.
5- Fluid balance in the body.
6- Enhancing immunity and preventing diseases.
7- Improve respiratory and heart health.
8- Increase fertility and facilitate childbirth.
9- Improving blood circulation and blood flow in the body.
10- Get rid of negative energy and bad thoughts.
11- Increasing the ability to think.
12- Back pain treatment.
13- Treatment of stroke and its symptoms.


Benefits of infrared ray, which is emitted by the cushion.
When a jade master thermal cushion is used, the jade stone is heated inside the belt and emits infrared waves. This is by converting the negative ions of the jade stone by heat and electricity into infrared radiation and (12-15) cm enters the body so that it is another way to heal the person.

Benefits of infrared
-Destruction of cancer cells the infrared waves destroy cancer by increasing body PH or viral cells and reduce swelling.
-Helps improve the immune system
-Helps remove toxins, trapped fats, waste, calorie burns through sweating.
-Prevention of many heart diseases because they activate cells in the body.
-The improvement of blood circulation in the human body, because infrared rays have a great ability to penetrate into the human skin, and this in turn helps to stimulate the process of obtaining cells and oxygen, regenerating tissues, and doing an activation of the role of the digestive system in the body.

The main components inside the jade cushion
Nano clay / to maintain the safety of the temperature, and keeping the cushion warm.
Nano silver /keeps the cushion from sweat and bad smell.
Fiberglass / to regulate and confine the infrared rays to remain in straight beam outside the cushion.
Nano bronze / the inside of the cushion is lined with a bronze material to preserve the electrical energy and its risks to health.
Germanium / to preserve the cushion from microorganisms and harmful bacteria.
Benefits of the jade stone heat cushion

The presence of heat and infrared radiation in general has many benefits so that these rays work on the job Biological for our cells and increase blood circulation, relieve neuralgia, arthritis pain, eliminate toxins, and perform an anti-bacterial function that helps maintain health.

Among the most important benefits of this belt:
1- Balancing hormones and fluids in the body, strengthening immunity and preventing diseases.
2- Reducing rheumatoid pain.
3- Improving blood circulation and blood flow in the body.
4- Helps heal wounds and heal quickly and reduce pain during recovery.
5- Also, the presence of the jade stone and the infrared ray includes protection from dangerous matters.
6- Regulating hormones before and after childbirth.
7- Detoxify the body. The accumulation of toxins in the body may lead to severe infections.
8- Because of the heat in the cushion, it contributes to improving the health and prevention of osteoporosis.
9- The presence of jade stone and heat in the belt can help calm disorders such as anxiety and fatigue. Feel relaxed and improve sleep