Shiatsu Jade Stone Massage Chair


The massage chair is used for physical therapy. This is one of the types of massage devices used for physical therapy. The Shiatsu chair massage therapy is a treatment technique that has been proven to stimulate the relaxation of the body and reduce the effects of many health and disease conditions. Shiatsu massage has the ability to treat many pains in the back, shoulder and knee, in addition to treating headaches and osteoporosis.


We benefit from the Shiatsu massage chair with (3) ways:
1- Shiatsu natural healing method.
2- Chiropractic.
3- Infrared.
1- Shiatsu natural healing method

This is a type of physical therapy that Japanese used it to relieve muscle pain by pressure points on the joints. This enhances the flow of the body's energy and gives it an unparalleled relaxation experience, as shiatsu mainly contributes to removing anxiety, stimulating mental relaxation and treating depression.

2- Chiropractic
What is the Chiropractic treatment? Physiotherapy for muscles and joints and various conditions related to back and disc pain.
It allows treating muscle problems, back pain, neck and joints in a physiological way.

3- Infrared
Infrared rays are rays invisible to the human eye that have the ability to penetrate and influence, and infrared rays can be obtained from the sun or from devices.

By using the shiatsu chair, we benefit from infrared as a natural treatment for the following cases:
- Getting rid of toxins accumulated in the body.
-Improving blood circulation in the body as a result of its ability to penetrate, which helps stimulate the process of getting
-Cells provide food, oxygen, regenerate tissues and stimulate digestion.
-Treating rheumatism problems, nerve diseases, calming pain, and absorbing tumors.


How to use the Shiatsu chair device

Every person can benefit from treatment, whether as a prevention or disease, especially if there is a curve in the spine that causes various health problems later or as a treatment to straighten joints and muscles, the aim of orthodontic treatment by applying pressure on the joints to find a physiological movement in the body and correct the defect. This way relaxes the nerve, which affects the site of pain.

It can be placed on any sofa or other chair, as long as its surface is stable, with a Chiropractic movement through which you will get a wonderful massage that works to make the muscles in a state of complete relaxation, as this helps to target the pressure points will target the main pressure points in the body such as the lower back, which helps To relax and rest your whole body.
This is a form that helps the neck and relieves pain, this is a type of massage that contributes to the treatment of slipped vertebrae in the neck, which has the effect of tingling the arms and fingers, and the treatment of migraine headaches, gland diseases and earaches.
Relaxation, as shiatsu mainly relieves anxiety, stimulates mental relaxation, and treats depression. This method helps relieve knee pain, whether it is due to arthritis or costochondritis, and helps varicose veins.
This is a type of use that helps burn belly fat and sugar by improving blood circulation and contributes to relieving pain and infections of the reproductive system and urinary problems and its remarkable benefit in relieving pain and menstrual contractions and rebalancing hormones.
This is a type of relaxation that is considered as one of the treatments for diseases by massaging it on the main points of the body and works to relieve pain and when the pain stops, the amounts of oxygen, food and blood reach more of the sites of the body, and it also inhibits the signals responsible for pain from reaching the brain, thus reducing Feeling of pain. This type of treatment can relieve tension, fatigue, muscle and bone pain, and reduce paralysis.