Thermal Massage Bed

The main reason why the Jade Master Thermal Massage Beds do not cause any side effects on the Human Spine and Body is that the massage bed is designed according to certain Principles.

Since the mechanism inside the bed moves by rotating, users do not have any problems due to forcing. Does not only work between Coccyx and Head, but also in the calf area.

1. Massage Effect: 6 minutes of the built-in Projector. Thanks to the work throughout. The human body is relaxed by massaging the effect.
2. Benefit Effect: 36 Min. The Far Infrared Light and Heat effect is applied to a single point at each stop point, thanks to its work with 2 quick pauses throughout.
3. Moxibustion Effect: It can be heated up to 70 degrees in the built-in projector and it provides relief by applying these hot stones to the Human Body.


When the Jade Master Thermal Massage Beds are examined in general terms, it is seen that the water is designed and operated according to the basic features.

Users who want to benefit from Jade Master Thermal Massage Beds more easily and quickly should pay attention to lie properly while lying on the bed. Because it is an important issue to have a proper spine during the session. People using the bed should be kept properly with their heads upright and feet together. It is necessary to pay attention to some issues about dressing while lying on the bed. Especially, it is necessary not to lie down in thick clothes.


Bed operation

It is a device that contains a set of hot jade stones that come with pressure and infrared waves that stimulate blood circulation and work on the spine by moving the cylinders of the bed from the head area to the pelvic area and at the bottom it moves between the legs and the knee where it helps to correct the spine and raise the flexibility of the muscles, The rest of the vital functions of the body are improved.

The most important features of the bed

1- Acupuncture
There are 7 main energy centers and points in the human body, a thermal bed, a jade stone, and a serious master that has the advantage of moving the body's reactions and through pressure on the points of the body, and the energy centers help in treating pain, strengthening immunity and preventing diseases.
2- Acupressure
This is a type that occurs by collecting pressure and its effect in specific points or areas to activate energy in the body and it is called (shiatsu) a Japanese method of treatment, and this pressure is by means of the inside of the bed, so that it helps improve blood circulation and blood flow and the arrival of oxygen in the body and reduce the risk of heart attacks and improve bone health and structure Muscles.
An internal bed movement affects the spine and works to tighten the vertebra and correct the curvature of the spine. The backbone is the upper body-bearing organ, and the nerve cord (spinal cord) is located in it. The intervertebral discs are responsible for the movement of the spine and some other sectors. Therefore, spinal damage can cause severe pain, and it often appears on organs and limbs that are not directly affected. The cause of these pains is muscle tensions or significant wear of the intervertebral discs.
4- Infrared
A person can feel the heat of infrared rays as a result of heating the jade stone inside the bed, which is one of the methods of heat transfer, the infrared rays help in the treatment of high and low blood pressure, poor memory, nervousness, tension, depression, dizziness, stomach aches and headaches, as these diseases may be caused by a blood circulation other than Active that helps improve blood circulation.
5-Thermal heat
This type of heat with the presence of an epoxy panel channel keeps the temperature of the bedside down evenly.

Jade stone

Jade stone is one of the most important components of a bed, through reactions the body seeks to solve its health problems. Chemical composition of jade consisting of (sodium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen) NaAlSi₂O₆ Jade stone is a gemstone, a volcanic stone, a type of precious stone; hot jade stone helps purify toxins from the body.


Healing benefits of jade with the help of helium and halogen

1- Treatment of kidney diseases.
2- Removing and purifying toxins from the body.
3- Helps heal wounds and heal quickly.
4- Improving bone health and muscle structure in the body.
5- Fluid balance in the body.
6- Enhancing immunity and preventing diseases.
7- Improve respiratory and heart health.
8- Increase fertility and facilitate childbirth.
9- Improving blood circulation and blood flow in the body.
10- Get rid of negative energy and bad thoughts.
11- Increasing the ability to think.
12- Back pain treatment.
13- Treatment of stroke and its symptoms.

Effects of the bed
1- Effects of massage / pressure on muscles and joints and the massage process due to the movement of a cylinder inside the bed.
2- Treatment effects / movement of bed cylinders, temperature and infrared rays from factors that have an effect on different points in the body and through reflexes it helps in treating.
3- Diagnosis of disease / thermal bed a serious jade stone that has the ability to early detection of diseases
4- (chi) energy regulation / moving the cylinders the jade stone is heated inside the bed to a degree of (60). It has effects, and these effects are called (cauterization process), which helps to remove toxins from the body.
5- Effects of psychological states / continuing to use a bed serious helps people who suffer from depression, tension and psychological anxiety, especially stopping points (7, 8) related to the spiritual state.

Parts of jade master bed

1- Projector inside the upper area bed (upper mechanic).
2- Projector inside the bed of the lower area (lower part).
3- Arch rail (CD).
4- Epoxy Carbon Channel.
5- Projector 9 external.
6- Projector 3 external.
7- Remote control.
8- Jug.
9- The Belt


- Remote control
A control device for the bed. A screen that displays the speed of the massage and the temperature and determines the operations performed by the thermal bed, consisting of 12 programs.


- Jug and Belt
The apparatus of the bed is inside the bed, to raise and lower the bed on the upper and lower sides, according to the use of the programs.
On the outside of the bed there is a tape or bandage to tie the legs of the person lying on the bed to stabilize the body.


The healing methods
Therapy by means of a thermal bed, jade stone, a master, in cooperation with the person by trying to reach it, and therefore the sessions that the person needs differ from one disease to another and differ from one person to another according to his illness and also according to his cooperation and the extent of his ability to implement the goals that are guided to during the sessions Naturally.

The use of a jade master's thermal bed and how to heal the person is by:

1- Chiropractic movement 2- Infrared 3- Acupressure (Shiatsu) 4- Helium rays

1- Chiropractic movement
This part is the movement of the bed cylinder along the length of the spine. The spine consists of 33 vertebrae, in the center of each vertebra there is a hole protected by the surrounding bone, and the pits together form a canal within the spine, which is the spinal canal that the spinal cord resides in. Any defect or pressure in the vertebrae, ligaments, muscles or nerves leads to disturbance of balance And coordination and the occurrence of back pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body and the function of this part of the bed helps reduce pressure on the vertebrae and restore the body to the normal functions that it performs.

The spine is divided into the following regions
1- Cervical vertebrae - there are 7 vertebrae that form the cervical curve of the spine where these vertebrae naturally bend forward.
2- Dorsal vertebrae - or the thoracic spine, which are 12 vertebrae, and the curvature of the spine in this region is towards the back, and the dorsal vertebrae are connected with the ribs that make up the rib cage.
3- Lumbar vertebrae - there are 5 vertebrae which form the lower back region and the curvature of the spine in this region is forward in the same direction as the curvature of the cervical spine.
4- The sacrum - consisting of 5 vertebrae fused with each other forming a single triangular piece of bone located directly below the lumbar spine.
5- Coccyx - consists of 4 or 5 vertebrae fused and is the terminal section of the spine


Division of the nerve by vertebrae
Neck (neck) -
C1 - right side of the head
C2 - different logic of the head
C3 - facial bones, trigeminal neuralgia
C4 - nose, lips, mouth, Eustachian tube
C5 — upper arm of the arm
C6 - muscles of the neck, arms, tonsils
C7- The shoulder and lower arm area

Dorsal - thoracic vertebrae –
T1— The two implants, including the hand, wrist, and fingers
T2— Heart and its valves, arteries of the heart
T3— the lungs, bronchial tubes, chest
T4— Gall bladder, common ducts.
T5— liver, solar plexus, blood.
T6— the stomach.
T7— the pancreas, the duodenum.
T8— the spleen.
T9— the two adrenal glands are above the kidneys.
T11— the kidneys, ureter.
T12— Large intestine, lymph circulation.

Lumbar -
L1— Small intestine, inguinal rings.
L2— stomach, upper leg.
L3— Genitals, uterus, bladder, knee.
L4— The prostate gland, lower back muscles
L5— Legs, Feet

2- Infrared
When a jade master thermal bed is used, the jade stone is heated inside the bed and emits infrared waves. This is by converting the negative ions of the jade stone by heat and electricity into infrared radiation and (12-15) cm enters the body so that it is another way to heal the patient.

Benefits of infrared
-Destruction of cancer cells the infrared waves destroy cancer by increasing body PH or viral cells and reduce swelling.
- Helps improve the immune system
- Helps remove toxins, trapped fats, waste, cellulite and calorie burns through sweating.
-Prevention of many heart diseases because they activate cells in the body.
-The improvement of blood circulation in the human body, because infrared rays have a great ability to penetrate into the human skin, and this in turn helps to stimulate the process of obtaining cells and oxygen, regenerating tissues, and doing an activation of the role of the digestive system in the body.

3- Acupressure (Shiatsu)
The heat of the jade stone the inside of the bed massages and pressure on the joints, and this is another way to heal the person through shiatsu, the Japanese method of treatment by pressuring TRIGGER POINTs in the muscles. Shiatsu stimulates blood circulation and relieves the fluctuations and pain of the digestive system, as improving blood circulation leads to relief from muscle pain many people have stated that they will get rid of arthritis after doing a shiatsu session.

The helium rays are shown in the jade stone with its yellow color, so that it benefits the health of the bones and muscle structure in the body and helps the liver, get rid of the body from excess fat and increase fertility.

Jade Stone Bed Programs

It contains 12 programs, each program has unique features:
First program:
When the program is running, the stone cylinder inside the bed move from the pelvic region along the spine to the vertebrae of the neck, it contains 10 points at each point stops 90 seconds, with the help of infrared heat presses on the points for a period of 36 minutes, where the device during that period massages the different areas The body according to each system it is tuned to. It has many benefits, including: It kills toxic substances in the body and reduces cell infections, improves blood circulation, senses massage along the spine and the curve and activity of the spinal nerve, as well as benefits heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes.


The second program:
This program massages the spine without stopping, helps the curve of the vertebrae, works to massage the back vertebrae and contributes to treatment, and helps to treat rheumatoid person, as many people currently suffer from neuro-rheumatic problems.

The third program:
With the help of infrared heat, it presses at 108 points and stops each point 20 seconds, so that it can detect the presence of any disease from the pelvic region until it reaches the vertebrae of the neck, and helps stimulate the digestive system, liver, kidney, pancreas and heart.

Fourth program:
This program is generally used for people who have osteoporosis, herniated disc, vertebra curvature, and rheumatic infections, as it works on massaging the back, including activating the cartilage again, as it is necessary to sleep on it in order to modify the vertebrae and remove pressure from the nerve.

Fifth Program:
This is a program that works specifically on the spine, its benefits include helping correction the spine, knee pain, lethargy and laziness, vertigo, eliminating tension and muscle tension, and digestive problems, as well as urinary tract diseases, including prostate diseases are the most common urinary tract problems.

Sixth Program:
It works on the neck area and helps in the treatment of back, neck, joint and bone pain. Hand pain is one of the most common types of pain in the body. It cures migraine or migraine headaches as well as contributes to the healing of cataract of the eye and many problems of the eye and sinuses.


Seventh Program:
When using this program, the balls move with the help of heat and infrared rays automatically between the thoracic vertebrae. It has many benefits for the heart, lungs, flatulence pain, liver and kidneys, it helps to relax muscles, get rid of pain, straighten the vertebrae and restore the bones to their proper position, the muscles will relax, the passages of blood vessels and nerves expand, and the body restores its health.


The eighth program:
This program is an effective way for those who want to lose their extra weight, as the massage stimulates blood circulation in the body, thus urging the body to burn more fats, especially those accumulated in the abdomen, and expel toxins outside it, as it helps the problems of flatulence, which leads to energy and a sense of comfort and helps Diabetes also contributes to reducing the pain in the lower back area.


Foot Program:
This program is the same as the second program, but lying on the bed in a reverse way. Make your feet close together and rub the comfort of the feet with each other to enhance blood circulation and remove toxins from the body. This is a method that helps to comfort the feet and helps relieve knee pain and contributes to treating varicose veins.


Jug Program:
You can benefit from this program in case of shortness of breath or people with high blood pressure.
And also for those who love watching television while relaxing on the bed, by raising the top of the bed.

Reflexology Program:
Reflexology is a foot massage program, a reflexology program, a new way to treat various diseases without using natural or medicinal drugs. The expert confirms that the presence of areas on the feet where it connects to the body parts and when pressing or massaging it, it promotes blood circulation, reduces the percentage of visceral fat under the skin, removes toxins and reduces weight, and helps revitalize the body's organs, which is related to the reflexology points in the foot, there will be a feeling and a feeling of pleasure and To relax.


Technical specifications of the jade stone thermal bed

Name Jade Master Jade Thermal Bed / Thermal Bed. JM-001 /
Installation time / 15-20 minutes
Frequency / 50 Hz
Warranty / two years
Usage period / 50-60 years
Electricity / 1.85 ampere
Bed weight / 81.5 km
Humidity ratio / 85%